Kettler ping pong table parts and outdoor tables

Playing ping pong outside is a great family activity. You get to have quality time with your loved ones, as well as getting to be outside and breathing in fresh air. In this article we will discuss the best Kettler ping pong table parts and outdoor tables.

The Kettler brand produces high quality indoor and outdoor table tennis tables. The first thing we are going to discuss are the different Kettler ping pong table parts that are available. After that we will showcase the Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table, so you can read for yourself what all the Kettler hype is all about. The Kettler brand makes weatherproof outdoor table tennis tables.

Kettler ping pong table parts

The Kettler ping pong table has replacement parts available. You can easily buy new Kettler balls and paddles, a Kettler ping pong net and a Kettler ping pong table cover. Always check beforehand with replacement parts if they will fit your specific product model.

The Kettler balls and paddles can be bought in one package. The product comes with 2 paddles and 3 balls. The paddles are lightweight and are weather resistant. The Kettler balls can be used for competitive play or for recreational use.

The Kettler ping pong net is made from nylon. The net can be used for indoor and outdoor tables. It is easy to install. The Kettler ping pong net has a 70 inch length.

The Kettler ping pong table cover is a heavy duty UV resistant PCV cover. The cover is weatherproof and has a long durability life. It has a side opening to easily access the outdoor tennis table. The cover is also good for indoor ping pong tables.

If you want a Kettler tennis table that is suited for indoor and outdoor play and is extra large, then you might want to check out the Kettler topstar outdoor table tennis table.

If you want a high quality Kettler outdoor ping pong table with multiple free accessories then keep on reading.

Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The Kettler outdoor tennis table is a great product. The tennis table is marketed for outdoor play, however you can also place the table indoors. The opposite, placing an indoor table outside, is not always possible because outdoor tables have special weatherproof material. Indoor tables might lack this feature.

The Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table is made to withstand all kinds of weather patterns. The top of the table has a UV resistant layer. The UV feature is handy to prevent sun damage that sun rays may cause on sunny days.

The outdoor tennis table also has a aluminum top sheet. The function of the aluminum layer is to prevent water damage. The aluminum top makes the table water proof. Underneath the aluminium layer you can find the ALU-TEC climate control. The function of ALU-TEC is to make the table sturdy and provide protection against all kinds of weather patterns.

The legs of the outdoor table are made from steel. The function of this is to resist corrosion. You also get a free weatherproof outdoor table tennis table cover. The Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table is definitely a high quality weatherproof product.

The color of the tennis table is blue. The table is also engineered so that it can withstand intense and high impact play.

The Kettler ping pong table comes with a two year residential warranty and a one year commercial warranty.

Foldable outdoor tennis table

If you want to move the tennis table around to another spot or to a storage space, then you can easily transfer it with the 4.5 inch dual wheeled casters. The outside table is foldable so you do not need a lot of storage space.

Dimensions of the folded Kettler table tennis table: 72 x 22 x 67 inches.

Another feature of the Kettler ping pong table is that it has a safety fold dual lock. The safety lock prevents the unintended opening or closing of the tennis table.

Since the outdoor tennis table is foldable, it also has a playback feature. The playback feature is great for if you want to practice your skills or if you want to play alone.

Start playing right away, as the Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table comes with a Kettler outdoor cover, 2 Kettler paddles and two 6 pack 3-star balls.

  • Dimensions of the assembled product are: 108 x 60 x 30 inches.
  • The weight of the assembled item is: 130 pounds.


The Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table is an excellent choice for if you want a high quality ping pong table. The Ketter ping pong table is weatherproof, has a warranty, is easy to use and has Kettler ping pong table parts available.

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